About Studio

Design does matter!
Design is not about finding an answer to a question.
It is about asking many questions, finding many answers
To each of these questions,
And picking one answer that answers the most to all questions.
Design is about discretion.
It is about values. About abilities to discern.
It is about appropriateness.

These words of Architect extraordinaire, Padmashree Balkrishna Doshi reflect exactly our attitude towards each and every project that we undertake.

A small, steadily growing studio, Landmark Design Group has seen the evolution from handling single-family bungalow projects to now bringing the first ever "green", off-grid government (administration building) in India into existence.

Landmark Design Group, Architects and Interior Designers was established by Ar. Usha Rangarajan in 1993. A closely–knit group, the team comprises of Architects, Interior designers, 3-d visualizers, and architectural assistants, apart from managerial and support staff.

Client aspirations and client–interface are important to us and play a pivotal role in the design process. One of the early lessons that we learnt was the value of continuous hands-on approach in order to ensure the success of the project.

The continued support of not only the team at LDG, but the extended evolving support system of clients, developers, consultants, contractors, masons, specialists, local authorities empowers us to do even more in the construction industry, shaping the nature of growth of our urban centres today; for our conceptions to transcend from the smallest architectural element to the largest holistic picture of the city.